How To Change Transfer Roller on A Xerox Phaser 7800

A transfer roller is a component in your office's printer that copies images onto paper. It also collects any left-over toner and directs it to a waste tank, so the ink doesn't gather inside of your printer. The transfer roller operates along with the toner cartridges, Fuser and drum of your printer to complete the printing tasks. Made of metal and rubber, it’s user-serviceable part that can clean and replace quickly. Here’s how to change transfer roller on a Xerox Phaser 7800.

  1. At first, power off your Xerox Phaser 7800 printer and disconnect it from the computer and the power cord.

  2. If the Sheet Stacker is installed, lift it up to access the unit on the printer back side, and pull up the front cover to open the printer’s cover.

  3. Hold the ink cartridge and then take it out of the printer to reveal the roller.

  4. Press on the upper orange latches and the bottom tabs on the left and right of the Transfer Roller; generally squeeze the tabs and latches together, and then pull the Transfer Roller towards you to get it out from the printer.

  5. Now, unpack the new Fuser from the package.

  6. Hold the Transfer Roller via the upper orange release latches and the lower orange tabs, and then put the new roller inside the printer. Check that the roller is placed correctly. Slightly, press the orange area between the tabs and the latches until the roller locks into position. Never press on or touch the roller black-side.

  7. Next, reinstall the Print Cartridge, and then close the top cover of the printer. If possible, lower the Stacker Tray.

  8. Finally, connect the printer to the power source, and then power on. A 'Ready to Print' message will appear in the Display window.

Note that you should never touch the transfer roller surface with your hands or fingers, because the oils on your skin can destroy the roller, which can then lead to smudged or blurry prints. If you’re still getting the image quality is very fuzzy and missing the colors, then you can consult the experienced team of experts by dialing Xerox support phone number and get resolution.

How Do I Reset Ink Levels on HP Deskjet 3545 for After Refilling HP 678 Cartridge

In most cases, while using the HP cartridges, the ink indicator sign will display a low level even if there is a sufficient ink in the cartridges. Wrong ink level commonly occurs while ink cartridges are refilled or replaced. If your HP Deskjet 3545 printer is showing a low-ink error message after refilling HP 678 cartridge even if the cartridge still has a plenty of ink left, then you need to reset the ink levels for your printer. When you reset the ink levels, you can make sure whether the cartridge is actually empty. If it’s not, then your printer will be able to recognize the ink; otherwise, you can call at the HP Customer service number and seek the expert help regarding this.

1.    Power off your HP Deskjet 3545. Start it back and connect to the system via the USB cable.

2.    Click ‘Start’ menu on your PC to open it. Then, click the ‘Control Panel,’ followed by the ‘Printer and Faxes.’

3.    Search your HP DeskJet Printer icon along with its model number. Click on this icon right side and then ‘Properties’ via the pop-up list.

4.    Click on the ‘Services’ tab and then choose the ‘Service This Device’ option.

5.    Choose the ‘Estimated Ink Level’ section, and then click the ‘Reset Ink Level’ option. Then the printer will display a refreshed ink cartridge level for your HP printer.

Now, you should try to print a test page to make sure the ink level of HP 678 cartridge is reset, and the printer is printing properly. However, if you find the ink level too low or empty, then you can replace or refill it again. In such situations, you can get the support of experts by dialing the HP printer phone number and resolve your probes instantly.

4 Easy Steps to Connect a Wireless HP Printer to Wireless Network

Wireless printers are the best alternative to get rid of the hassle of setting up a printer for home or office. You have no longer need to put your printer in one place to connect with a cable, now you can put it anywhere within a wireless signal range. HP (Hewlett-Packard) manufactures a range of wireless printers, which can be set up as a standalone device or using a wireless router. In other words, connecting your wireless HP printer is not troublesome, however, if you get any difficulties, you can resolve out at HP phone number customer service instantly.

1.    Check that your PC’s wireless card is enabled, and the wireless router is turned on. Insert the HP installation CD provided by your printer manufacturer into the system.

2.    Once the CD menu displays, click the ‘Install Network/Wireless Device.’ Continue to the installer’s prompts.

3.    Plug the USB installer cable to the printer and your computer if the installer asks you to do so.

4.    Click the ‘Finish’ button to complete the installation, now open a text document and print it.

If your HP printer has been configured previously for a different network, you can reset it by pressing down the ‘radio tower’ button and the ‘Resume’ button three times, and then release it. If your printer model doesn’t have this functionality, open ‘Control Panel,’ choose ‘Network Setup’ and then ‘Restore Network Defaults.’ However, if you’re still facing troubles in connecting to the Internet, then you can call at Hewlett-Packard phone number and gain result-oriented resolution.

How to Access Netgear DG834GU Router login page ?

Netgear routers are usually plug-and-play, means that you have no need to configure them.  However, if a home wireless network expands outside four interacted computers, it becomes necessary to set it up. Netgear DG834GU Router comes with an internet-based utility for adjusting the settings manually. You can find option quickly on the router, with details of every option labeled on the page right-side. At such time, you firstly need to access the Netgear DG834GU router login page, so you can also contact Netgear customer service and ask for the help to do that.

1.   Discover the IP Address of Your Netgear DG834G Router: Before you log into the Netgear DG834G router, you first need to know the IP address of it that may be However, if you're unable to locate the IP address of your router, then either you can contact Netgear support to get expert assistance or can use the free Router IP Address software to find the Internal IP Address.

2.   Access the Netgear DG834G Router login page: The Netgear DG834G router comes with a web interface for configuration. You can use your system’s web browser to log into the router settings page.

a)   Enter the Internal IP Address of your router: At first, you need to get into the IP address of your Netgear router in the Address bar of your browser, which you have found in the first step. Next, hit the ‘Enter’ key. A dialog box will show on the screen asking you for the router username and password.

b)   Enter the Default Username and Password of the router: In this step, you first need to know the username and password to access the router web page. Here, you need to enter the default username ‘admin’ and password into the specified fields, if you still don’t change the password.

c)   Netgear DG834G Home Screen: When you see the Netgear DG834G router home screen, means that now you logged in to your router login page. Now, you are ready to follow the further guides.

However, if you can’t get logged into your Netgear DG834G router, here a few reasonable resolutions you can follow up.
Fix Netgear DG834G Login Issues

If your router password doesn't work, then you should try to reset the Netgear router to default settings. You can also contact ISP to know the router’s username and password, or maybe they can change it for you. If all else fails or you get stuck at login, you should call at the Netgear router phone number and address your query to experts so that they can give you solution instantly.

Easy Tips And Tricks To Speed Up Your Linksys Router

The quality of the signal of a Linksys router is liable to not only the theoretical drive yield of the switch, furthermore the commotion in the range that may achieve block to permit a decent signal. Presently, every remote switch utilizes radio waves to send and get data. The information exchange limit of those radio waves may mediate with various switches in your general region or with multiple remote devices.
For example, 2.4 GHz home remote territory line phones can meddle with a couple of switches, achieving the sign to have less range. All things considered, on the off chance that you need to comprehend what are those hacks that can help you to boost the signal quality of a Linksys Router then you ought to quickly take advice from the experts of Linksys call center. Notwithstanding, we have likewise thought of some essential tips that will be manual for help its signal quality. Investigate:

Information exchanges limit

Switches that use the 802.11b/g guideline limit on the 2.4 GHz transfer speed regularly uses the 802.11n standard are as often as possible called "double band" since they can connect with 802.11b/g devices through the 2.4 GHz information transmission and also 802.11n contraptions through the 5 GHz exchange speed. While the 5 GHz range has a shorter achieve, it has higher data rates and less deterrent. If you have each one of the 802.11n devices interfacing with your Linksys, switch you can take out the 2.4 GHz signal quality promptly.
Additionally, it is prudent to you to sign into the switch by composing into the area bar of a program on a PC connected with a similar switch. Leave the username field clear and sort "administrator" for the secret word. On the Wireless tab, you can pick the "Broadcast Mode" as either double band, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz.


Inside the transfer speed, the Wi-Fi Routers, for the most part, utilize the different channels. It grants unique remote system to be in a similar zone without thoroughly meddling with each other. The standard is that no impedance between channels is under five numbers isolated. Like this, if you start with 1, it won't meddle with channel 6, which won't intercede with channel 11. In case you require three, isolate Wi-Fi systems in a similar building; you should pick non-covering channels.
With a specific end goal to do that, it is fitting to you to sign into your Linksys switch, select the Wireless tab and pick the channel you have to begin from the drop menu. If you don't understand what to choose, take 1 or 11, as most changes will default to 6. If you have a venture on your PC or PDA, you can do an outline of the area to see what the other Wi-Fi networks are using.

Run Extender

The clear response for boosting the Wi-Fi sign is to get a gadget which is proposed to do just the relegated work of range broadening or Wi-Fi speed increasing. Linksys and diverse makers make remote degree extenders that you can interface with your system to send the signal to every side of your building. The Linksys wizard that goes with Linksys' achieve extender will even tell you where to put it for the best extension, and it can interface with your system and various gadgets with Wi-Fi Protected Setup that just commits you to press a catch to make everything play agreeably together.

DD-WRT Dance Revolution

The Linksys WRT54G was the primary use the DD-WRT programming. DD-WRT is untouchable programming that can be stacked onto your change to allow you to change settings like boosting the sign compel. While DD-WRT is viable, it's also hazardous to put outcast programming on your switch. The instructional activities on the site give plain bearings besides a distinct rundown of which Linksys switches will work with the item.

Presently, if your switch isn't recorded, you must not endeavor to use it again because it can break your switch and will void your certification. Regardless, in case you're into do-it-without any other person's help, the DD-WRT programming can significantly support the execution and essentials of your switch.

All things considered, we trust that in the wake of attempting this everyday hack, you can help the speed of the Linksys Router. In any case, even after attempting this, if you couldn't finish the procedure, only ensure that you have taken assistance from the specialists. Also, being straightforward, on the off chance that you need to reach the experts, you should only to give a call at their Linksys support number, which you can profit from the site of Contactforhelp.

How To Remote Access Quickbooks

The QuickBooks company file can be accessed from remote computers with a free feature that is included in the QuickBooks Premier Accountant edition. Small business users can either purchase this edition to avail the free feature or can pay $ 3.95 per month to use the remote access service. It can be done using software, a third party download such as Log Me In or paid services Go To My PC. If you need support for remote access of QuickBooks, assistance would be available at quickbooks technical support contact number. The other option is to go through the following steps:

Remote Access using QuickBooks Remote Access Services

  • Click on the ‘Accountant’ button which lies on the top menu bar of Home Screen. Next, scroll down to the option of ‘Remote Access’ and click it. The remote access screen will open up; scroll to the bottom and click on the phrase ‘Register for QuickBooks Remote Access’.

  • Now register for this service. As soon as it is done, the Registration screen will open and prompt you for entering the basic information which will be used for accessing your QuickBooks file. Click on the ‘Submit’ button. Next, return to the Register’ screen and then click the ‘Log in’ button.

  • In the next step, click on the button ‘Set up this computer NOW’. You will be asked by the Web-Ex window, whether you want the remote access software to be installed onto the computer. Click ‘Install’ and wait for the completion of the process. The entire process may take up to ten minutes; make sure that you do not proceed with other transactions during the installation of remote access program.

  • Click ‘Next’ on Remote Access Setup Wizard screen. Select the authentication method which you wish to use. It can be a phone number or an access code. Choose the one you want and then enter it first in the top box and then in the confirmation box. Click ‘Next’, followed by choosing the additional options which are available in the next screen. The last four are selected for you by default.

  • Click the button ‘specific applications’ followed by the QuickBooks version for which you wish remote access. Click the ‘Next’ button and then click the ’Finish’ button. Now, your computer is set up for remote access.

  • Log in at the website of Webex in the Resources list. Use the authentication and the password from some other computer. Make sure that the computer you wish to access is on and connected to the net. Now, you may access all your QuickBooks files from the other location.

Remote Access using Paid Third-Party Software

  • Choose the third party software you want to use. The most popular ones are the GoToMyPC services and the LogMeIn. LogMeIn service has an advantage over the other one, as is it offers a free, though limited version for download. On the other hand, the GoToMyPC service gives a free trial but it is paid service.

  • Visit the website of Logmein and register for free LogMeIn account. Fill in the required information to get registered for the service. Next, enter the password and the identification you want to use for logging in to your computer.

  • Now test the remote access. Leave the computer on and connected to the net. Then, use another computer to login with your password and identification. You will now be able to access your computer from the other remote computer and also perform any transaction in QuickBooks.

If you want any support or assistance for remote access to QuickBooks, dial qb support phone number for professional help. In case, this number is not available, you can search an alternative support number by using the reliable online directory called Contactforhelp.


Effective Methods To Import Or Export The Bank Rules!

Bank rules are essential to know how incoming bank transactions are divided before the user accepts the same in the QuickBooks. These rules are made to save your time and those typing errors. In case of any difficulty in understanding the rules, the users can also contact the experts available by dialing Intuit Customer Support Phone Number to get the things in their favor. We will now see those important rules:

  • Firstly, from the left navbar, select Transactions and Banking. In the upper right corner, click the downwards button to the right of Update and select Manage rules. Now, click new rule. Just create the rules you need to export.

  • Secondly, Click the downwards arrow to the right of new rule on the Rules page and select simply ‘Export rules.’ You have to follow the onscreen guidelines to export the rules to an Excel sheet. By default, the file is automatically named (company).

  • Thirdly, import those rules into another company; just open the QuickBooks Company you want to import bank rules to, with ease.

  • Now, from the left navbar, select Transactions, & then Banking. In the upper right corner, you will see a downward sign to the right of Update and then select Manage rules. With that in the upper-right corner, click the downward sign to the right of new rule and select Import rules. Lastly, Select the 02 Excel file containing the exported rules, and click ‘Next.’

  • Select the ‘3’rules you want to import, and then click Next

  • If the company you are importing bank rules do not have the right payees and categories setup, you can clear them ‘4’ here, on the spot. Click Import, and then click Finish.

If you encounter any problem, you can simply contact the experts by dialing Intuit Support Phone Number and get the desired results in no time.

Webroot Internet Security Essentials - Major Features

Are you worried thinking about the security of your computer? If yes, then you need to prefer to buy a complete Internet security suite such as Webroot Internet Security Essentials, which was launched by Webroot on October 21, 2008, at the first time. This complete suite is mainly established to provide the file storage and the Internet security protection to the computer users without affecting their system performance.Webroot anti-virus is also known for the excellent customer services, anyone can seek technical help at Webroot customer service number... Read More

Keep Your Windows PC Updated with Avira Software Updater

When you have a considerable measure of applications installed on your system, it is hard to keep track on every one of them and upgrade them after every frequent intervals. Also, if you miss out the updates, you are actually increasing the chance for security breachings. The new application repair and give you new elements as well as fixes more seasoned to any vulnerabilities...
Read More

How to start using Skype on your Android Phones ?

Skype is basically launched for making video calls via internet connection, and is still considered to be the best in its own genre. Apart from the option for video calling, it also provides other options like texting and calling up on landline numbers as well (if you have purchased the Skype credits). Also the mobile app for Skype is available in all mobile phone, be it android, ios or any other. If you want to know the process of Skype mobile login or how to get started with Skype via your mobile phone; make sure that you have gone through the pointers below.

Download Skype – Before you proceed further, you are supposed to download the application of Skype from your Apple Store or Play Store. All you need to do is to make sure that you have visited the app store from your mobile, searched for Skype and then downloaded it.

Skype     Sign in – Once the downloading is completed (it would take hardly a few minutes if your internet connection is good), you are supposed to sign in to it. If you already have the Microsoft Account, you can easily log in through the same account. However, you would be asked to create a new Skype username which will displayed to users who are not in your contact list. Also, if you don’t have your Microsoft account, you can directly log in by creating a new Skype Account. In order to create a new account, you are supposed to click on the link that prompts “Create account,” and then follow the instructions given to you.

Adding Contacts - Now, once you have created your personal Skype account, it is now time for you to add new contacts. For this, you will also be asked to sync your phone’s contact so that they can immediately show in your Skype contact list. If you want to add a user who is not a part of your phone’s contact, you can still add him by searching for them via their Skype username.

Text on Skype - As soon as you are finished adding your friends, you can start video calling by tapping its button (if both you and your friend is online.) However, you can also drop a text to them as you will find the option for texting at the bottom or at the top most side of your screen. You can also add more friends to the conversation so that a group is created, and then you can enjoy group chatting with friends.

Now, if you have any queries related to the Skype Account, you can immediately take help from experts by giving a call to them at Skype Customer service number. But, if by any chance, you don’t have the number; you can still avail it from the website of Contactforhelp, which is an online directory that provides reliable numbers of all the US and Canada-based services.